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Our raw materials are widely used in the pharmaceutical, nutritional and cosmetic industry world wide.
  1. Proteins, hydrolyzed and native
    Natural proteins derived from animals and plants. The proteins are specifically modified to satisfy the intended use.
  2. Amino Acids
    Aminoacids are the building blocks of protein biosynthesis and are used in the engineering of functional formulations.
  3. Ribonucleosides
    Manufactured by the hydrolysis of ribonucleic acids of natural yeasts. Proven successfully to enhance flavours, as supplement in baby food formulations and as biological additives in cosmetic formulations.
  4. Bioactive ingredients
    Active ingredients enriched with natural raw materials - are increasingly used in functional food and cosmetic formulations. depending on the structure and the mode of manufacturing, bioactive ingredients can enhance the immune response.
  5. Minerals and derivates
    Minerals are the salt in formulation processes, and prerequisite for
    the functioning of many biochemical processes. The salts of the natural orotic acid are biologically active in the transport functions in cell metabolism.

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